Urban Circe Newport proudly announces its latest achievements: winning the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Pan African Film & Arts Festival in Los Angeles. The audience selection was a remarkable feat marking a significant milestone in the journey of Urban Circe Newports’ second feature film!

The Pan African Film & Arts Festival stands as a beacon for the global diaspora arts community, providing a platform to showcase diverse narratives and celebrate the cinematic creativity of Pan-African culture. Founded in 1992 by Hollywood luminaries Danny Glover, the late Ja’Net DuBois, and Ayuko Babu, PAFF has remained committed to promoting Black stories and images through film, visual art, and various creative expressions.

For over three decades, PAFF has served as a vital catalyst for amplifying the voices of filmmakers and artists from around the world, making it the largest Black film and arts festival and a cornerstone of Black History Month activations in the United States. Each year, PAFF welcomes talents from over 40 countries and six continents to Los Angeles, offering a platform to showcase their extraordinary work and talents, they can now add Wales onto their list of winners!

Our winning documentary, HUMANiTREE, is a collaboration with 10 young creatives from Newport and a skilled film crew comprising professionals from Black Nine Films in London and Newport Professionals from the University of South Wales Newport. Through meticulous storytelling and innovative filmmaking techniques, we explored the interconnectedness of humanity by tracing the origins and evolution of our global family tree.

As we celebrate this momentous achievement, Urban Circe Newport remains committed to pushing the boundaries of storytelling and advocating for greater diversity and representation in the world of cinema. With HUMANiTREE, they have not only won an award but also enriched the cultural reconnection to the African diaspora and inspired future generations of creatives to tell their stories with courage and conviction.

We have also attached how you can find out how this journey came to be and the experiences directly from the cohort part of the journey! The full film will soon be available to watch online!

Watch the making of HUMANiTREE ^