To mark Black History Month- We at Urban Circle Newport, in partnership with Caribbean Heritage Cymru, Play it Loud Studio, Riverfront and more; hosted a programme of educational and enriching activities to educate and express throughout the duration of October

Training and courses:

Throughout the month, we hosted a schedule of 7 FREE training courses, for young people, students, educators and professionals.

Abu Bakr- Diversity Training & Black History Course

Abu-Bakr Madden Al-Shabazz; is an education consultant, comparative sociologist and world historian on Blackand African experiences from prehistory to the contemporary. Abu-Bakr has developed Black History Course for multiple agencies across the UK and today am a Visiting Senior Fellow Lecture at Cardiff University for the Cardiff School of Social Sciences in Race & Education and Staff Developmental Training. Over the course of October we were honoured to have him share his experience and knowledge with us- educating us on both the truth of the past and the hope for the future.

‘Seeing an individual possess such a vast range of knowledge on the history of my people has inspired me to continue researching the history of Africa and its significance. Thank you to Abu Bakr for delivering a powerful course and I look forward for what’s next to come’.

-Pierre; Youth Management Team Visual and Graphics curator

Marilyn Bryant- Diversity and Inclusion Training.  

Diversity & Inclusion training hosted by Marilyn Bryant of Caribbean Heritage Cymru focused on what it means to truly treat others equally- regardless of any factor or influence. What does it mean to provide someone with equal opportunities- and what benefit that can have on the hope for the future.

The session was inspiring! and allowed me to discover things I knew and felt- that I hadn’t always been aware of. I grew a deeper understanding and appreciation for myself, but also those around me.

Danielle Webb- Youth Communications Officer Urban Circle Newport

Films & Documentaries 

A range of FREE films and documentaries, with insight to Black History, Culture & Arts were screened through the duration of October- with two exclusive interviews from film legends- Nuakia Aru and Dylan Duffus. Each session concluded with a discussion focus group- reflecting on thoughts and impact.

See below some of the documentaries and educative videos we showed- FREE to stream.

From Pirate Radio to Mainstream 

From Pirate Radio to Mainstream- ‘After a great year for grime, MC Frisco and Risky Roadz go back to its pirate radio roots.

Arena Fela Kuti: Father of Afrobeat

Community Pop-up Cinema 

At the end of each week- we celebrated Black Film with a Community Pop up Cinema- taking place in Friars Walk Unit 9. 3 films ( Countryman,Freedom Writers, Respect) showed for the enjoyment and education of the passing pubic with educative discussions and reflections.

Black History & Culture- A celebration with Riverfront Arts and Caribbean Heritage Cymru.

Finishing the month- with a celebration of talent, culture, stories, arts & achievement. In partnership wit Caribbean Heritage Cymru and Riverfront Arts Wales. We celebrated the stories and successes of our community- our young people and our organisations, in which we continue to strive to educate, express & empower.