Through the duration of October- UCN alongside our sister organisation G-Expressions, celebrated both Black History and Dwarfism Awareness Month- Throughout the 31 days of ‘Awareness’ we had a programme of educative, expressive and empowering workshops open and catered to the community and professionals.

In this month we welcomed over 200 people through our programme of educative workshops, film screenings, seminars and celebration events.

But it cannot stop there.

Education & Empowerment is something that is needed all year round- it is the solution to solidarity and the path for possibilities for those of all walks of life.

Continue the conversation…

Now that the awareness is no longer trending- we still have a duty to carry out the important conversations- and take it upon ourselves, to become the change that we wish to see for our future. We have collated in this article, resources, links and signposts FREE for all- to continue the conversation for change.

We want to thank everyone who joined us for a month of true education and empowerment- But the real question is- what will you do now.


Here is a free documentary film we have made celebrating and sharing Welsh history as narrated by local people including historians! Suitable for all ages.

‘Mummy, there’s a new girl’

When a new girl joins the class, many of the children pick on her for her looks, but one brave little boy looks past her differences and learns that really – size is no big deal! Learn about Dwarfism, Diversity and Differences through a picture-based short story- that introduces children to kindness, acceptance and understanding.

Mummy, there’s a new girl- is written by our Youth Communications Officer- Danielle. Published in June 2021.

Get your copy: HERE.

GX Say it how it is Podcast.

Our sister organisation, GExpressions being a predominantly black worker led organisation, the issues surrounding the recent events across the globe are ones that hold great importance to us, as an organisation we strive to provide young people, of all walks of life, race, gender, ethnicity… a place in which their voices can be heard. GX Say it how it is, was created as a platform without judgment, and we are incredibly proud of Leontay for sharing his views and experiences with us and the wider community. A future leader in the making. Watch his podcast below.

Celebrating Small businesses- Herstory.

Gift cards for Birthdays / Xmas / Valentines / Anniversary, and every other occasion. Herstory is a brand created to spotlight the untold truth of the black women, and the black man’s many contributions to our world. Learn more: HERE.

A different insight- Little People UK.

People with disabilities, in particular those with dwarfism, encounter looks and stares from people, it’s human nature. Children in particular find little people fascinating, often reacting quite vocally. Out of embarrassment, parents try to defuse the situation, but this isn’t always in a positive way, which then makes children ‘scared’ of people who are different. When they only wanted to be treated like everyone else. Little People UK would like to raise awareness and help people initiate a conversation instead of just staring. If you have been affected by the issues raised in this film and need support email:

Power of Education- New changes to the curriculum.

To promote the introduction of Black History in the education curriculum- we have completed a presentation video that we will use to engage with educational providers across the city.

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