A new Urban Circle Newport project has arrived. We need your input!

With support from Media Cymru, Urban Circle Newport is building a brand new network for storytelling pathways. From June into August, research is taking place across the Cardiff Capital Region to find out what works and how we build a courageous and sustainable community model for future generations. Dates for forum meetups and Networking events are below. All are free to attend.

Throughout the project, we are utilising community development approaches, co-production, and quality youth work practices. Urban Circle wishes to innovate new models of replicable and long-lasting practices that are aware of the very fast-paced changing industry. To create in safe and mindful ways for years to come. All within one of Wales’s fastest-growing industries that recruit from all ages. Mapping the available routes in such industries will be the first action point!

Media Cymru is a consortium of 23 partners that have received funding from the UK Research and Innovations (UKRI) flagship Strength in Places Fund. Industry and university partners have built a research and development programme to explore innovation in the UKs second largest media-making region.

A MINDFUL MEDIUM FORUM – For ages 16-30 is an open, relaxed discussion and support forum. Food and drink with an honest conversation with industry practitioners and youth workers will begin to discuss what a sustainable Solidarity network can or will look like.

SOLIDARITY NETWORKING – For ages 18+ is an evening networking event for freelance creatives, with guest speakers, drinks and food for attendees to enjoy. CULT Cymru supports this session as a learning project designed by the largest creative unions that operate in South Wales. Including BECTUThe Writers Guild and The Musicians Union.



After building HUMANiTREE, the film/media and storytelling practice can be mindful and caring here in Wales. Storytelling is a powerful and essential aspect of human development, and this project allows us to make sure the medium is preserved and encouraged into the future in exciting and innovative ways that maintain inclusion and equity if you want to learn more about Urban Circle Newport!

Surveys for Introductory participants. [Mindful Medium group]

Surveys for creative freelancers [Solidarity Network group]

Surveys for professionals [Media Cymru group]