Danielle Webb

My name is Danielle and I’m the Youth Communications Officer for UCN Urban Circle in 2019, when I started as a student with G-Expressions finishing my BA Hons degree in Youth and Community. I instantly loved the work done by the organisation and the values of the team, as soon as I walked through the door of my first shutdown event- I knew I didn’t want to leave after my degree finished….. and here I am!

Within my role I facilitate the Youth Management Team; whilst overseeing the work done within our Welsh language developments- and our social networking platforms. I am also a JNC qualified Youth Worker-studying my MA degree in Working for Children and Young People. Alongside Comms I have a passion for dance, the arts but most of all supporting young people to discover their potential, on whatever path they choose, similarly to what Urban Circle did for me.

Along with joining Urban Circle Communications Team in 2021- I recently published a Children’s book, promoting diversity and disability awareness within children’s literature and education.

‘Mummy there’s a new girl’- When a new girl joins the class, many of the children pick on her for her looks, but one brave little boy looks past her differences and learns that really – size is no big deal! Available to order: HERE.