This month UC Welsh Translations Officers worked in partnership with Newport Rising on a new ‘Fight for Facts’ campaign, spreading positive awareness of the challenges of misleading and false information online. The filming took place at TinShed Unit 9 and will be launched later this year. 

We’ve been planning the project for a number of weeks, writing scripts and doing research around the campaign, to educate ourselves on misleading information so that we’ve been able to bring a positive but important message to the community.

Sienna Crowson- Welsh Translations Officers

My experience of Fight For Facts

By Corie-Mya- Assistant Welsh Translations Officer

The project for Newport Rising was very challenging to start off with. Regardless of this I was able to remain chilled as myself and Sienna, spent loads of time attending weekly meetings regarding the project with the help of Danielle facilitating us. This meant we felt prepared and supported, and were able to have all our questions answered. First of all when we had a more clear idea of what this project meant- we started to map out a story line in our heads, before visiting the Tin shed,this gave us a lot more confidence as we were able to work out where we were going to be standing, sitting and acting… and also meant we could begin to write our script.

After doing a rough copy and learning it we continued with the meetings and started to develop it more- Then we had a final meeting with David,  a couple of days before the actual project and along with Jack who was the camera man, so he could see what we had planned. David had trusted us to lead this project on our own, which was very out of our comfort zones but was also exciting. We shared our ideas with the team the week before filming and everyone seemed very excited to see where it was about to go, which was a huge relief. 

The day of the project I started to feel very nervous but as soon as I stepped in the Tin Shed the nerves went, Dan reassured me completely and Mo made me feel very comfortable and relaxed as well as all the crew. As we started to get into it, I found that I was enjoying it more and more, as it was a very new experience for me and something that has really pushed my confidence to new levels.

This experience has given me even more confidence, and I now feel like I can do more projects like this without worrying about it because I know I will be able to achieve it.

Corie-Mya- Assistant Welsh Translations Officer

I am most looking forward to seeing the final outcome, and being able to reflect on what we have achieved and accomplished, and the confidence we’ve developed in the process.

Sienna Crowson- Welsh Translations Officer