Urban Circle is proud to present our latest theatre production, “2 Sides of a Coin.” Set in a gritty community where two sides of the law clash, this gripping tale delves deep into the complexities of justice and betrayal. Nyla Webbe our writer for Urban School of Arts has new production! So we are here to announce our Auditions so you can get involved!

In a world where every decision has consequences, three teenage friends find themselves entangled in a web of adolescence, crime, and desperation. As the story unfolds, immerse yourself in a world where Grime, Hip Hop, and Garage music amplify the tension and emotion. “2 Sides of a Coin” is about the complex relationship between young people, society and justice, where perceptions hold immense power.

We’re seeking talented actors of all genders & ethnicities who can bring these characters to life, including those who are comfortable with rapping. Whether you’re experienced or new to the stage, we will support and welcome performers of all backgrounds and experience levels. The 3 teen roles are all required to rap/recite lyrics and the 2 roles for Detectives are acting only.

Available Roles:

  • Taylor: Age 16-18
    The one with all mouth, makes stupid decisions, impulsive and cocky.
  • Ash: Age 16-18
    Confident, smart, good head on their shoulders, the voice of reason.
  • Jay: Age 16-18
    A bit of a follower, struggles with anxiety and learning difficulties, goes with the flow.
  • Detective Saul Brenner: (MALE) Age 21+
    Old School Detective takes the job very seriously and has a vendetta against young people.
  • Detective Hayley Finn: (FEMALE) Age 18+
    Rookie detective, keen to learn, speaks her mind, and has compassion.

  • Audition Date: Saturday 25th May
  • Location: USW Newport City Campus, NP20 2BP
  • To register for the audition pack contact performingarts@ucnewport.co.uk

Stay tuned for updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the making of “2 Sides of a Coin.” We can’t wait to see you at the auditions!