HUMANiTREE: ‘The story of us humans on earth. From roots to fruits’.

You are all invited to our online premiere in partnership with Black Nine Films.

In a world where discrimination, racism, social injustice, and pseudosciences still prevail, this film aims to bring together a positive shared global story that reconnects the most significant family on earth.

With the support of film professionals, our team of 8 filmmakers has embarked on a research and investigational journey to find out the science and history of humans, dispel ignorance, and bring forward a current and bold story about being human today.

This multicultural film project shares historical events and uses revealing interviews with experts from multiple disciplines. The film will cover human genetic origins in Africa, early civilizations, global migrations out of Africa, environmental changes, genetic variations, and how the human family can work more together in the 21st century.

Using archives, ai designed images, research, lived stories, and interviews with scientists and professionals around the country. The film will be free to watch from Friday 28th October for 48 hours by anyone that signs up here: gives a little more insight. This project will become a new training and education tool in 2023.