Written by Youth Management Team Member.

At this year’s UC Summer Fest- The main act we hired is Lady Leshurr. The reason we booked her to perform is that she is a role model to the youth and makes a path for young people trying to achieve their goals, especially ones in a hard situation.

She grew up in a very strict house, not being able to do many things other people could, but even with being held back, she made her dreams come true and is still going up in views and success. Another reason is that she is managed by a well known music engineer and manager from Wales called Jamie Winchester. So, we want to show people in Wales that you can achieve big things when you try- it doesn’t matter where you are from.

At our event- she will be doing a music workshop, to help musicians from Wales find out how to become successful in the music industry and also participate in a music jam with musicians from Wales. Where she is from, her music is really popular and all her success is from hard work and talent due to practice and dedication. She is a great role model for young people, especially musicians both male and female.

My favourite track is her and Lethal Bizzle because I think they make a good duo. They work well together, and the track is so lively and memorable. This year we are having an after party. The purpose is to draw people from the Urban Circle Summer Festival and the site to another place and have a good time.