I have been working with Urban Circle since May 2017. To be honest I got here by accident, showing up for an audition that I thought was a friend auditioning to perform, and in the moment just agreed to sign up.

Two years on and it’s just been incredible. I have done five events with them and working hard on the next two. I have learned so much from Urban Circle, gaining qualifications such as Stewarding, First Aid, Safeguarding, etc. All through the organisation. Gaining this knowledge has enabled me to find work in things like stewarding, where stewards are always being requested. These qualifications are so helpful and will continue to be important as they are just going to open more and more doors for us in future.

It is important to learn because without learning these new things no one is really going to progress or improve. If you aren’t learning anything as you go along it also means you aren’t improving, which to me just sounds pointless.

We are learning by doing. To me, this means that we are learning as we go along. If we make a mistake, we learn from it. If we could have done something better, we learn how to do so. We then apply this new knowledge at the next possible opportunity.

Obviously, a job or career is important to earn money and maintain a living, as well as it being a way to potentially progress in your area of expertise/passion because we need to use these things while we can and not let them go to waste. Also, without a career or job there would be far less to do in life, and I would feel like my time is being used badly, so putting this valuable time to good use is vital.

I personally want to learn more about music production and the industry. This is something I am truly passionate about and want to make a career out of one day. Thankfully, I know that Urban Circle has connections and resources in this area that can really help me, and I would love to continue working here.