Mibinti Webbe

My name is Mibinti Webbe. Since I was a child, I’ve always taken part in talent shows, dance competitions, and performances; showcasing what I love to do, whether it be in dance or singing. It was my passion for dancing and singing that drove me to set up G-Expressions alongside my cousin Loren, and my sister Talieh. From the age of 13 I volunteered in my local community with our sister organisation Urban Circle Newport. In 2010, there was a huge need for spaces for dancers to express and create so that’s how G-Expressions was born.

Over a decade later, I have gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience within a range of communities both nationally and internationally. I’m now a professional Youth Worker after graduating from my BAhons Degree in Youth and Community Work:Youth Justice at the University of South Wales in 2017.

I’m also a Dance Tutor, and the Course Coordinator for G-Expressions. Within my role I initiate/lead the Dance Leader Programmes and teach Dance and Pound sessions. In these roles I’m able to utilise my transferable aptitudes and creative abilities to share skills and knowledge with the next generations; whilst creating a fun and safe environment for all to explore and challenge themselves. I currently have a team of Dance Mentors who assist me in classes & projects – all of which I have taught from a young age and whom I have witnessed grow and develop. These Mentors are upskilling themselves and shadowing the core team in order to achieve teaching tools and gain employment opportunities.

Now having gained my qualifications – I’m keen to grow and develop myself and my team as much as I can. This enables me to implement diversity values within our local communities, as often, the young people we meet lack understanding, they have low self-esteem and are consumed by the negativity and stereotypes that surround them.

Alongside dance – I have a passion for singing, modelling and the arts. I feel very strongly about utilising my passion to not only enhance my own experiences but to share with my peers and the young people who access our services to enhance and fulfil them on their chosen journeys!  #Engage.Develop.Lead