Mick Conroy

Hello! I’m Mick Conroy, and I am the Course Leader and one of the Senior Lecturers on the BA Youth & Community Work professionally qualifying programme (JNC) at the University of South Wales. I am also a JNC Qualified youth worker with more than 30 years’ experience working with young people in the community.

I have worked with Urban Circle for many years- and have been proud to teach many of the current team, and watch them gain their Youth Work qualifications. I have been involved in the design, development, and delivery of training programmes for youth workers on a national and international level. I firmly believe in education as the route to progression and success for young people. Within Urban Circle, I am excited to be involved in Urban Circle’s ‘Power of Education’ team- creating strong partnerships between education and the community. I am proud that the University of South Wales is one of the only UK universities that have Youth Work being practiced on campus- and I am proud of the partnership that is growing from our fantastic team of graduates. I am also here to support the team in the creation of the Youth Work Level 2 and 3- and provide pathways of support for young people looking to qualify..