Onismo Muhlanga

Onismo a name given to me by grandmother to embody my Zimbabwean heritage and purpose. I pride myself on channelling imagination with art forms that assist empowerment, innovation, expression, freedom and knowledge; proceeding to strive as an echo of creativity within my role as an Arts Curator. Growing up with a having an access quarters that being Urban Circle really presented me with so many oppotunities, options, council and education beyond my imagination from first walking into the building! This was the largest catalyst in why I have gained experiences in multimedia production composition and intergenerational inspiration. Through continuing to learn & make mistakes in creation of various mediums.

From early on having the spaces to express myself always fuelled me to gain that experience to be able to create in many forms. As a creative within wales, every access to be able to express stories, thoughts and ideas influence my creativity to follow to inspire the beautiful limb of my persona and career.

Watch Onismo’s described ‘poetic visual language is informed by his own journey, and his interest for ritual and memory. Combining recorded video content with archival footage and found moving image’ part of the Sub Sahara’s Advisory Panel project Days Ahead.


Cables & Cameras and Chapter Movie Maker held an online event, a cross-collaboration between Creatives Filmmakers from Wales, Bristol and Birmingham. This is the first cross over between three regions and powerful creative-media-movement. Few parts of Onismo’s we’ve never really heard when it comes to his creativity and life!