Onismo Muhlanga

Onismo is a name bestowed upon me by my grandmother, translating to an embodiment of common unity in heritage and purpose. It honours the channeling of art forms as tools for identity, empowerment, innovation, expression, freedom, and wisdom. As a content creator, we strive to embody and echo creativity in all our work/play.

Born in Zimbabwe and now residing in Wales. At the age of 15, discovering Urban Circle, an open-access platform that provided a safe space for exploration and play. It was there that we delved deeper into our passions, particularly in the realms of dance and video as a visual art form. These opportunities to play and create offered education and experiences beyond our imagination, from the first moment walking into that building until now, 15 years later. The freedom of expression we found early on fuelled the desire to discover and create in various forms.

Most if not each opportunity to express stories, thoughts, and ideas has shaped and influenced our creativity, instilling a profound love for the art of existence. This magical journey serves as a testament to the pivotal role of choices and their connection to our sense of belonging within culture and community. Along the way, we have gained extensive experiences and qualifications in digital language composition and intergenerational inspiration. Continuously learning and exploring different mediums aligns us with our true destinies, allowing us to be fully present in our creative endeavours. All in the maintenance and light of empowering our young people as future generations.

Watch Onismo’s described ‘poetic visual language is informed by his own journey, and his interest for ritual and memory. Combining recorded video content with archival footage and found moving image’ part of the Sub Sahara’s Advisory Panel project Days Ahead.


Cables & Cameras and Chapter Movie Maker held an online event, a cross-collaboration between Creatives Filmmakers from Wales, Bristol and Birmingham. This is the first cross over between three regions and powerful creative-media-movement. Few parts of Onismo’s we’ve never really heard when it comes to his creativity and life!