Seven dancers are gearing up to host a thrilling dance weekend event from Thursday, March 7th, to Saturday, March 9th. This event promises to celebrate movement, rhythm, and artistic expression, bringing together dance professionals from all backgrounds.

This dance weekend extravaganza is set to captivate audiences with a diverse range of dance styles and immersive experiences. From contemporary to hip-hop, participants can explore and engage with different dance forms under the guidance of seasoned instructors!

Dates and Venue:
Mark your calendars for Thursday, March 7th, to Saturday, March 9th, as the University of South Wales transforms into a hub of creativity and energy. Parking is available at Kingsway car park.

Dance Classes Schedule:
Throughout the weekend, participants can immerse themselves in a series of exhilarating dance classes spanning various genres and skill levels. With nine classes scheduled across the three days, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a beginner looking to learn. Each class offers a unique opportunity to explore different facets of dance, from intricate footwork to emotive storytelling.

MibintiMibinti Webbe is a dynamic force in the world of dance, whose journey began with childhood performances and culminated in the founding of G-Expressions. With a degree in Youth and Community Work: Youth Justice, she seamlessly blends her passion for dance with professional expertise. As a Dance Tutor and Course Coordinator, Mibinti leads the charge in mentoring the next generation of dancers.Family POUND / GX FiTT
TaliehTalieh’s passion lies in preserving dance fundamentals, ensuring accuracy in her teaching and honoring the roots of each movement. She champions community support and funding for aspiring dancers, advocating for research and development in the field. As co-founder of G-Expressions her work is not just about personal growth but also highlights the power of dance to unite cultures and inspire positive change.MIX&BLEND 16+ / MIX&BLEND -16
Zara & Katie’sTwin sisters and dynamic street dance duo from rural Wales. Their synchronized steps and infectious energy inspire young dancers to explore dance for fitness and wellbeing. Born and bred amidst the Welsh countryside, they’ve made it their mission to ignite passion and confidence in every student they teach. With each performance, Katie and Zara showcase the transformative power of dance.Family POUND / Xcessive Dance
ReulReul, a Welsh-born hip-hop sensation with Jamaican heritage, sets stages ablaze with his electrifying dance moves. Despite his young age of 27, Reul has already made waves as an accomplished entertainer, honing his skills with the renowned street dance crew ‘Jukebox’. His performances on acclaimed TV shows like The Slammer, Children In Need, and Got To Dance have garnered global acclaim. Reul’s fusion of cultural influences and urban style captivates audiences worldwide.HIP HOP
JaleesaJaleesa, the powerhouse behind Company J, a multi-award-winning dance group in rural Wales. With electrifying moves and boundless passion, Jaleesa unites young and marginalized individuals, transforming them into street dance champions. Through the magic of movement, Company J breaks barriers and inspires greatness in every dancer. From the streets to the stage, Jaleesa’s energy and dedication elevate street dance to new heights, showcasing its unique ability to empower and unite.STREET DANCE
LeightonLeighton started dancing in his hometown Cardiff where he was self-taught and then went onto train in London, Los Angeles and across Europe. Part of world-renowned dance company Dance 2XS UK, his credits include Black Eyed Peas, UEFA Champions League Opening Ceremony, Dazed Magazine, Vice, BBC, Jazzy Jeff & Rizzle Kicks, BBC Three South Side, Britain’s Got Talent, Adidas.VIBEOGRAPHY
BaraBorn in the vibrant rhythms of Jamaica, Bara “The Machine” is not just a dance teacher; he’s a force of nature on the dance floor. With roots deeply entrenched in the pulsating beats of reggae and dancehall, Baras passion for movement ignited early, propelling him into the world of dance. His electrifying performances earned him the moniker “The Machine,” a testament to his flawless execution and boundless energy. As a professional, he doesn’t just teach dance; he orchestrates symphonies of motion, inspiring his students to find their rhythm and express themselves with unbridled fervor.DANCEHALL

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