Projects and Events

Prosiectau a digwyddiadau

The making of our second Documentary

After the success of ‘Wales Untold’ Documentary- members of Urban Circle have began the process of creating a secondary documentary that will lead on from the 2015 success; it will focus on Wales as well as expanding both nationally and internationally.

In partnership and with support of Black Nine Films, with thanks to funding from Arts Council Wales; young people have had the opportunity to experience, develop and grow through the three stages of film making, from pre-production and production taking them across Wales and to the University of Cambridge to carry out research and interviews, these young people will be supported and upskilled right through to the process of seeing their work on the big screen.

This new documentary will analyse the study of genetics, African race and human migrations. Read more: HERE.

Pots, Pans, Poetry – Potiau, sosbenni a barddoniaeth

Pots, Pans & Poetry is an Arts Council Wales funded project that aims to connect people within our communities through culture and creativity. We are inviting submissions of recipes and/or poems that will be collated into a published collection.

To submit an entry or read more about the project

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Power Of Education

After the success of ‘Wales Untold’ With the upcoming implementation of BAME history into the school curriculum, and the BLM response targeting education as key in bringing about change, we have worked with our partner ACAP to develop an educational resource for learning providers. To support this project, we worked with members of the Youth Management Team and Urban Circle members, who shared their experiences of heritage and education.

Read more here:

To promote this resource we have completed a presentation video that we will use to engage with educational providers across the city.

Past Projects & Events:

World Kindness Day 2021 – ONE KIND WORD

The theme of this years ‘Word Kindness Day’- was ‘One Kind Word’, so in partnership with G-Expressions, members of the Urban Circle Youth Management Team, hosted a Pop up Kindness Event- outside of the University of South Wales, promoting positivity, kindness, friendship and acceptance through the means of music and creativity.

A two hour pop up workshop of games, face paint, networking and performances was open to the city of Newport- free for the whole community to enjoy. In addition young people wrote out more than 150 kind words that were handed out to members of the public to make them smile and enlighten their day.

Kindness costs nothing-and being a creative organisation, the Youth Management Team used their talents and arts to bring their community together and spread some positivity amongst the town.

Dwarfism Awareness Day – ‘Life Being Little’ Seminar

25th October marks Dwarfism Awareness Day, and this year, Urban Circle in partnership with Little People UK and G-Expressions- hosted ‘Life Being Little Seminar’ at the University of South Wales, where a panel shared their lived experiences of Dwarfism, disability and diversity- with an audience of teachers, professionals and creatives


The seminar was an opportunity to share experiences, educate one another and shed light on the challenges faced by people living with Dwarfism. Presentations were followed by a Q&A session where members of the audience were invited to an open discussion of what they had heard.

Youth Management Team – Fright-Town Function Programme

Our Halloween Fright Town Function- saw a 6 day programme of Halloween activities, where our Youth Management Team, with funding by the OPCC fund- went out into the hub communities of Newport to provide a range of interactive and creative activity workshops for young people to engage with.

From dance workshops, sports, arts and crafts- over 5 different locations, members of the YMT engaged with over 100 young people ranging from the ages of 8-18 years. In light of recent events and the climate we have witnessed- members of the Youth Management Team felt that there was a need to reconnect with their communities, providing activities which have otherwise been unavailable to young people, and to go out and build the relationships to engage with them to signpost them in the direction of future events.

Urban Circle for Black Stories Month 2021

To mark Black History Month- We at Urban Circle Newport, in partnership with Caribbean Heritage Cymru, University South Wales, Play it Loud Studio, Riverfront and more; hosted a programme of educational and enriching activities to educate and express throughout the duration of October. Throughout the month, we hosted a schedule of 7 FREE training courses, for young people, students, educators and professionals.

A range of FREE films and documentaries, with insight to Black History, Culture & Arts were also screened with two exclusive interviews from film legends- Nuakia Aru and Dylan Duffus. Each session concluded with a discussion focus group- reflecting on thoughts and impact. At the end of each week- we then celebrated Black Film with a Community Pop up Cinema- taking place in Friars Walk Unit 9. 3 films ( Countryman,Freedom Writers, Respect) showed for the enjoyment and education of the passing public with educative discussions and reflections.

Finishing the month- with a celebration of talent, culture, stories, arts & achievement. In partnership with Caribbean Heritage Cymru and Riverfront Arts Wales. We celebrated the stories and successes of our community- our young people and our organisations, in which we continue to strive to educate, express & empower. Read more: HERE.

Fight For Facts

UC Welsh Translations Officers worked in partnership with Newport Rising on a new ‘Fight for Facts’ campaign, spreading positive awareness of the challenges of misleading and false information online. The filming took place at TinShed Unit 9 and will be launched later this year.

Welsh Officers Sienna and Corie-Mya, took the host seat for an educative on a topic they felt was important to young people of today and utilising their duel-language, both presented the film sketch in both English and Welsh. Through the programme, both individuals embraced the opportunity to up-skill themselves in presenting skills whilst seeing the project through from pre-production all the way through to the release of the film- coming soon.

Youth Management Team Wellbeing Social Day 2021

Our Youth Management Team are BACK! And planning an exciting and enriching programme of events for 2022. Through training, up skilling and enrichment activities- these young people are leading the way to path new ideas and creations for Urban Circle. As a team they cover a variety of skillsets- which they continue to grow and build through weekly meetings and trainings- supporting one another to lead the way for a new UCN generation.

To celebrate their return, the team enjoyed their first social day together after two years, with team building, planning and games of bowling to build upon the relationships that have existed only via a screen in 2020.

Halloween Lockdown 2020 Live Stream

Every year we at Urban Circle Newport hosts a Halloween-themed music event that is of interest to an age range between 11yrs-17yr olds… However, with new lockdown procedures in place and the current climate we are all working in, like with many things, Youth Workers were required to transition onto a digital platform that enabled them to still be able to engage with their target audience.

Urban Circle Newport (UCN) and G-Expressions (GX) worked in partnership with Gwent Police with funding by the OPCC fund- to repurpose what would have been allocated budgets for the largest Halloween event in Newport and instead host a virtual Halloween Celebration as a chance for young people to win themselves some big-scale prizes, and to bring some joy into this fire break lockdown. Read more: HERE.

Power of Education featuring Akala

On Thursday 1st October 2020, Urban Circle’s youth workers and their Youth Justice Minister Andrew Ogun, with support and funding from PCC and Arts Council Wales, organised an online discussion featuring award winning musician and educator Akala, to do his talk on The Power of Education. The event was designed for educators from the broadest spectrum.

Senior lecturers Foluke Adebisi and Abu-Bakr Madden Al-Shabazz took part in a panel discussion which centred on the theme of education, specifically the power of learning, and the importance it has in improving race relations and issues of structural racism in the UK. The discussion was suitable for educators at different levels, and anyone else intrigued by the topic.

Education was the single most important topic according to the BLM Gwent demonstration back in June where over 2000 attended, according to those who responded to a survey on how best to tackle the wider issues of racism. This event was created and organised within three months of this trigger to take action. 

Wales Untold Documentary Film

A film project developed by Urban Circle Newport and BlackNine Films, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund with support from the University of South Wale- This is a story of people, industry, and power. A film that explores the African presence, products, and outcomes of Black labor at the heart of Welsh and British History. See how community and labor relations have defined and created a nation. Read more: HERE.

Watch the film here via Youtube. FREE HERE.

Valentines Day Shutdown 2020

Valentines Day 2020 went down with music and performances from local artists alongside headlining act ‘Young T & Bugsey’ bringing love and music to under 18’s in Newport. Hosted by Youth Management Team with the support of funding from PCC, young people played a part in creating the event from an idea- to an action. By young people- for young people, the night- held at the Leisure Centre Wales, brought in over 150 young people, who enjoyed an evening of expression and entertainment.

Behind the scenes, Youth Management Team members undertook trainings and experiences in event planning, budgeting and contacting guest artists- all that contributed to a night to remember.

Halloween Shutdown 2019

From music, arts & a one of a kind designed Scare Room- made for young people, by young people- Halloween Shutdown with support from PCC funding and the objective of giving young people a safe space to go on Halloween Night- attracted over 150 under 18’s bringing the Halloween Scares to the Newport Leisure Centre.

There were costumes galore! and a celebration of arts, music and talent with none other than local Newport Artists.

Behind the scenes, Youth Management Team members undertook trainings and experiences in event planning, budgeting and contacting guest artists- all that contributed to a night to remember.

Climate Strike 2019

A true example of young people expressing what they believe in. The 2019 climate strike was an opportunity where we supported young people in raising awareness for a cause important to them. Through utilising their creativity and confidence in the arts- young people embarked on a strike march through Newport City- expressing the importance of looking after our world.

One individual- gave a speech in front of 100’s sharing her passion for Climate change and also reflecting her dual language heritage- as she spoke out to the audience of Welsh Speaking individuals. Through supportive and expressive environments, we encourage young people to support and embrace their believes and values, and communicate these in a means they feel safe and supported.

Summer Festival 2018 – Featuring Lady Leshurr

With funding from Arts Council Wales and the support of National Trust- Summer 2019 saw a biennial youth culture festival hit Newport, attracting over 2000 people. A celebration of arts, music and the younger generation alongside the community and partners committed to youth support and development.

The festival partnered with Play it Loud Studios and was headlined by none other than Lady Leshurr and provided a platform for youth arts as well as a position for intergenerational working and sharing for future projects and developments to come.  Read more: HERE