With the upcoming implementation of BAME history’s into the school curriculum, and the BLM response targeting education as key in bringing about change, we have worked with our partner ACAP to develop an educational resource for learning providers.

To support this project, we worked with members of the Youth Management Team and Urban Circle members, who shared their experiences of heritage and education.

Corie-Mya; UCN Assistant Welsh Translations Officer

“Throughout the interviews, I was given the opportunity to share my personal experience in primary school and secondary about being mixed race, and the encounters I had with teachers or pupils- if I was ever seen differently within primary and secondary school. This was a new experience for me, but I was made to feel really comfortable and it is definitely something I would do again. I think it’s really important to get black history/culture in the curriculum and experiences like these are helping to build my confidence and make me more comfortable in presenting and speaking.

Jude Wynter- Dance Course Mentor and UCN volunteer

“The session was interesting and something that I didn’t expect to ever be doing- in the interview I was asked a series of questions about my time in school and my views of the education system. At first I thought I would feel a bit uncomfortable talking about my experience because it was something that I don’t talk about that often; but I’m glad I did it in order to help others that have had similar experiences to me and to promote BAME education. The interviews also helped build my confidence, after a while I forgot the camera was even there!. All in all it was a good experience and I hope it helps to make a positive difference for future students in school”.

To promote this resource we have completed a presentation video that we will use to engage with
educational providers across the city. The aim of the engagement is to provide the educators with
the tools and support needed to deliver BAME education within schools and the wider community. We have circulated the promotional video and are awaiting responses.

Chris Porter- Course Coordinator
A Film for teachers and educators.