My name is Sienna Crowson,

I am 16 years old and I live in this hearty town which we call Newport. I am a Singer and Songwriter and I aspire to be in the charts one day. I have been a part of Urban Circle and G Expressions for a while now and i have enjoyed my time so far. I am also blessed to be a part of the Urban Circle working community now. I am a Welsh translation officer for Urban Circle and I am very excited to continue my journey, along with an amazing team that will help me with my path into the working world. 

My journey through this pandemic…..

The pandemic has been something that has been very difficult for almost everyone, It has definitely impacted the world and society. Each day has been a new test for me, each day has been a new opportunity for me to appreciate the life that I have. I feel as though there have been many lows during my experience with the pandemic, but there have also been many highs. I have met new people, new communities, (not face to face of course) and i have been able to express my ambitions and goals to people through many different sources of technology. 

Education has also played a huge part in my experience through COVID-19, myself and many other students and children across the globe have had to adjust to so many changes with our education in such short periods of time. It has been very difficult for the older school years as because of the pandemic, it has put a hold on many days of our education meaning plenty of us haven’t had the opportunity to thrive with education in school. Personally I have struggled a lot with online learning. There were many days where I have felt very pressured, and I know that has been the same for so many other students.

Motivation is such an important aspect of my life and I was just finding it so difficult to find that motivation I needed. I know it’s just a case of “You can do it”, but finding motivation is a lot harder. It’s not just getting up and turning the computer on, it also involves so much more. For me, not being in a school environment and getting the support face to face was really difficult personally, because i am a very visual learner. Therefore I know it was different for other students.

Earlier this year, I featured on GExpressions (our sister organisation) GX Say it how it is podcast; to share my experience of education during a pandemic. I have now finished school and despite the challenges, I came out with the grades I needed to proceed onto my next step in this journey. Whilst the pandemic may be moving on, it is clear that there will still be a lot of challenges ahead for students- I hope people who find themselves in situations like mine, can take inspiration from this podcast, and learn something about their own selves.

My second podcast was with Nyla, Dan and Corie-Mya. We were asked about our experience being fluent welsh speakers, and the opportunities that have come along with it. I really enjoyed both podcasts and I feel like it’s an amazing way for the public to get an insight on what our community is about and what we have to offer.

I am so excited to finally co operate with Urban Circle and G Expressions even more than before, and I can’t wait to bring my skills to the team.