The Circle

Urban Circle is an independent youth arts charity based in Newport, South Wales. We engage, support and empower young people and communities. Through interconnected services and quality pre-selected partner organisations, Urban Circle is able to provide targeted and flexible services.

Urban Circle Newport

Company overview

Urban Circle Newport is a fully constituted charity organisation based within Newport City Centre. We are one of the biggest youth initiatives outside of Council led Projects in South Wales.

Urban Circle first started life as Urban Circle Radio based in Pillgwenlly 13 years ago and we have had huge success in uniting the young people of Newport across many cultures, backgrounds and interests and allowed for endless possibilities to impact and positively effect lives.

Our Organisation aims to help build, promote and sustain constructive community relationships and individual capability for young people living in the different areas of Newport. Also, helping build relations between these young people in different communities, across a variety of platforms from performing arts to creative media (music, dance and multimedia).

Opportunities for young people

All of the Urban Circle Projects are rapidly becoming a beacon of hope for hundreds of young people. We provide them with an opportunity to develop and showcase their talents for the mutual benefit of local communities, whilst having fun in a creative and innovative environment.

It also directly impacts on reducing social exclusion, anti-social behaviour and increasing civic pride all through the application of youth work principles. At Urban Circle Newport, there is something for everyone; whatever their ability and level.

Young people’s stories


The difference Urban Circle has made to my life is undeniable. I joined the team in a heat of the moment decision back in 2017 and I’m still so glad that I did. From the first Summerfest to all of the shutdowns and gigs, I’ve had an amazing time and learned so much, become far more confident and experienced and am so thankful to the team. There’s some great times ahead for everyone who joins.


My journey with Urban Circle first started off when I signed up to work with the organisation to help plan and organise events for young people, this meant that I was attending a weekly meetings to discuss and share our ideas in order to plan each event at a time. We would all reason with each other and decide what roles were suitable for who. Whilst organising the events we all work together to make it enjoyable as possible for the young people and to make it an experience to never forget. The events I had volunteered at were summer fest, the Valentines shutdown and the Halloween shutdown. I feel like being apart of this organisation from a young age is such an amazing thing as no many young people get offered these experiences often. Through working with these organisations they also support you in any way to achieve your goals. They always put young people first and this is why I had agreed to being an official working member and am now Welsh translations officer for UCN and I cannot wait to see where my journey will take me.


I have been a part of Urban Circle for 4 years now, I started in the youth forum at a point in my life where I had little to confidence, finding it hard to speak to new people or have a say in group decisions. Within the first year I had gained so much confidence which allowed me to speak up during meetings and give my opinion on certain things regarding our events. I also gained some experience within administration throughout my first and second year with Urban Circle which has enabled me to get a well paid government job. I went from being a part of the Youth Forum to now being a trustee of the organisation and a member of the Urban Circle board and I am also studying for my Level 2 Youth Work qualification. I’m so grateful for all the help UCN have given me as I would not be where I am today without them.


I first joined Urban Circle when I was 15 years old and doing my sports leaders course- I wanted to be able to give young people the opportunity to do something positive, and get off the streets and into sports- And it went from that to Urban. I can honestly say urban brought me out of my shell when I needed it the most. They helped me perform at shows- the same shows that I had helped to plan with them such as Summer fest, Halloween and Valentines day shutdown and it’s that, that has boosted me to carry on making music to this day and I appreciate them so much.