Introduction to Welsh Communications.

Earlier this year we at Urban Circle welcomed a new established Communications team, including our Welsh Translations Officers who will formulate and contribute to the introduction to Welsh Language within the organisation.

Over the next 12 months- Urban Circle Newport will be growing our communications- providing social media posts, company documents, press releases and visual graphics in both English and Welsh.

Both Translations Officers have been involved with the company as a young person, and as a team we are privileged to have watched them go on the journey of participant, volunteer to now employee, introducing a new language to a company is a huge task for anyone, but this is living proof of how young people must be allowed to lead the way- these two individuals are shaping new patterns, habits and opportunities for not only their colleagues, but for young people who come through our doors.

Danielle Webb- Youth Worker/Assistant Communications Officer

Meet our Welsh Translations Officers.

Sienna Crowson

My name is Sienna Crowson, I am 15 years old and I am one of the official welsh translator officers for urban circle. I am also a singer – songwriter and I enjoy many other hobbies in my spare time. I am a fluent Welsh speaker and I have been in a welsh education for over 10 years. I have been a part of the urban circle organisation for over two years and I have been a part in things such as planning events, performing live, and many other different experiences.

Urban circle have provided me with endless opportunities allowing me to express myself in the best way possible, and I am very grateful to have received this job, and many more amazing experiences.

Coming from a non-welsh speaking background and being part of a multicultural family, being able to experience and be part of a role like this has been an ultimate blessing, as I have learnt so much along the way and I have learnt so much about myself as a person and what it really means to be part of such a great organisation. I will continue to work hard and knowing that I have major support from Urban Circle too, it will only push me to grow as a person even more.


Hi my name is Corie-Mya, I am 17 and I am the Assistant Welsh Translations Officer, for G expressions, and now also Urban Circle. My role is to work alongside the other members of the team, and to work with Sienna to translate work given into Welsh. The importance of my role to introduce the welsh language into the organisations in order to target Welsh speakers and also young people. I have been volunteering with the organisations for roughly over 2 years now and been fully employed by G-expressions for nearly a year and Urban Circle just under a month.

Both organisations have taught me a number of new skills,I have become a more organised, confident and Independent through working with the team and cannot wait to see what else I can learn in the future.

My journey with the team first started off when I signed up to work with the organisation to help plan and organise events for young people, this meant that I was attending a weekly meetings at the University of South Wales to discuss and share our ideas in order to plan each event at a time. We would all reason with each other and decide what roles were suitable for who. Whilst organising the events we all work together to make it enjoyable as possible for the young people and to make it an experience to never forget. Then after we had done the events we would have to attend more meetings in order to evaluate our work. I feel like this really beneficial as it helped us to better our next events. The events I had volunteered at were summer fest, the Valentines shutdown and the Halloween shutdown. 

I feel like being apart of these amazing organisations from a young age is such an amazing thing as no many young people get offered these experiences often. Through working with these organisations they also support you in any way to achieve your goals. They always put young people first and this is why I had agreed to being an official working member of the both organisations. I cannot wait to see where my journey will take me with the organisations and the new experiences and opportunities that are yet to come.